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Birthday Parties

Bowling parties are fun and affordable!

Looking for a great way to guarantee a memorable birthday party? Look no further – the JBM-HH Bowling Center has it covered. From food to activities, we take care of everything for you. All you have to do is party! From bumper bowling for kids to our delicious food and refreshing beverages your party is guaranteed to be a total blast.

Bowling parties already approach perfection. Kids find the game itself irresistible and love the giddy atmosphere of the alley--plus they're thrilled to wear shoes on the cutting edge of fashion. Okay, we're kidding about the shoes. (Still, how can you not have a good time when your feet look as if they've joined the circus?) Even with all this, though, a birthday party needs to feel extra-special. Here are a couple of ideas to help you throw your kid the best bowling birthday party EVER!!

  • Is there an arcade at your bowling alley? Then bring a big stack of quarters for your guests.
  • Do a silly walk as you approach the lane
  • Bowl in slow motion
  • Bowl pretending that one of the boards in the lane's wood floor is a tightrope
  • Before you bowl, predict whether you will knock over an odd or even number of pins
  • For younger kids, consider trying the following. Between the time you release the bowling ball and the time it hits the pins: speed-sing as much of a song as possible; spell out loud the birthday child's name backward; call out as many pizza toppings/ice-cream flavors/kinds of candy as you can think of. Each bowler should then try to top the record.

Some of these ideas sound pretty good, don’t they? Imagine how much fun your child will have!

Contact us for specific pricing details and to book your party today!

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